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Our city needs a comprehensive, district-wide solution for climate resilience that allows Bostonians and visitors to engage with the waterfront in meaningful ways. The time is now to set a benchmark for a world-class public realm along the waterfront —resilient, accessible, and inclusive public space—consistent with the Mayor’s vision for a Climate Ready Boston.

Create a District-wide Plan

Advance Resilience and Sustainability

Promote Accessibility and Inclusivity

The Story

Waterfront for All: Not only is Boston’s waterfront an iconic part of our history, it is the product of millions of dollars of taxpayer investment in a cleaner Boston Harbor. As we prepare for a climate resilient future, it is critical that we once again advocate for Boston Harbor, this time assuring that it is sustainable, accessible, and welcoming to all.
The Tower: The proposed development of the nearly 600-foot tall tower, the Pinnacle at Central Wharf, fails to meet Boston’s visions of a better waterfront and a Climate Ready Boston. Private interests of a developer must not override the public benefits for the City of Boston and its residents.
The Parking Garage:The decision Boston needs to make is not between the current parking garage or a high rise, luxury building elevated to protect only itself from sea-level rise. Instead, there are many options—and options that take sea level rise into account. Options that are inclusive of Boston’s needs and the needs of its residents.
Attend Meetings: Attend public meetings concerning the Pinnacle Central Wharf. Hear what Boston residents have to say and let your voice be heard. We must come together to advocate for a waterfront that puts people before developer profits.
Send Letters: Show your support and opposition to the development of the highrise building by sending letters to the Boston Planning & Development Agency.


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Preserve the Waterfront for All of Boston

The proposed Boston Harbor Garage redevelopment project fails our downtown waterfront, our city’s residents, and our future. It’s time to admit that and start again. We need a district-wide plan that prioritizes climate resilience, accessibility and better connections between waterfront properties.

Boston residents need to come together to protect the waterfront from plans that do not have the city’s best interest at heart. We are known for standing up for what is right, it is time to stand up again.

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