Save Boston's Waterfront

Save Boston’s Waterfront advocates for a resilient and sustainable waterfront vision that protects and promotes the iconic Central Wharf and Boston’s downtown waterfront neighborhoods. Boston’s waterfront is for everyone and must be protected from overdevelopment and land use practices that price out residents, displace communities, and fail to take a holistic approach to planning, particularly in the face of the substantial threats posed by climate change.

Through the sharing of information, commentary, and analysis, Save Boston’s Waterfront works to promote a future for Boston Harbor that is built upon equity and inclusion, climate resiliency, and a principled approach to placemaking that puts people first.

This effort is supported by the New England Aquarium.

Construction On The Waterfront

Does the development of the Pinnacle Central Wharf truly meet our city’s ambitious vision as set forth in Climate Ready Boston to lead the nation in the area of climate preparation and planning, or, do we want to do the bare minimum and instead support private developer profits, one parcel at a time?
With global sea level predicted to rise up to three feet in the next 50 years, we are at a critical turning point. In preparing for a climate ready future, we also have the opportunity to address another critical issue: access. It has become abundantly clear in recent months that inclusive public spaces, particularly those connected to the water, are key to the health of our community. Private interests of a developer must not override the public benefits for the City of Boston and its residents.
The warnings of climate change and its impacts are stark. With every passing day, we learn more about how these risks are accelerating, and this means sea level rise, and, in turn, more frequent storm surges and flooding. The developer’s approach does not consider the impact of sea level rise on neighboring waterfront parcels or the larger downtown waterfront.
Cities and towns must take an integrated approach to climate resilience, including Central Wharf.
“A comprehensive approach is the only way forward.”
Vikki Spruill
President and CEO of the New England Aquarium.

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